Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blog Move

Just letting you all know that this blog will no longer be updated (and some of you may have noticed some posts were even deleted). Some posts will remain for now, but everything is being moved to and all future updates will happen there. Thanks!

Thursday, September 17, 2009



Of course, this means I've been on Ravelry, looking up baby patterns to my heart's content. ;) Though I must admit it's difficult finding gender neutral things for a summer baby... may stick more with home items than anything else.

While I'll be doing various things for the baby, I'm not posting them in case my sister should run across them. You can follow my Ravelry, however, if you're intersted in seeing what patterns I'm making.

Suggestions are always welcome, too! ^.^

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Zombie and OWLs

Alas, my friends, I have been successfully killed in the competition known as Hat Attack. I was taken out by a lovely red (Therapi) and black (mystery yarn, though the hunt is on for the ballband) hat (YAY for red and black!) by SugaryDynamite. Also, it's starting to look like three of the last 13 are flakes/withdrawn for various reasons so, if that is confirmed, that means I made it to the final 10! XD So close, yet so far... But I had fun, got a pretty hat out of it (with two of my preferred colors!) and even got the black that's left over (which is muy soft; can't wait to find out what it is!).

Now if only I could at least finish my Transfiguration OWL... I'm only on row 11 of the chart (plus two for the bottom edge of the flap), and the chart by itself is 108 rows. Going to guesstimate 116 for the front of the flap, and do between a third to a half of that for the top of the flap/sides/bottom of the bag. At least it's just straight knitting once I'm done with the chart; not too bad for my first complex intarsia project though, and using my own chart, too! I won't have time to make an appropriately sized kilt for my Potions OWL, but I'm still proud of myself for my first Intarsia project. Maybe once I'm done with this bag (if I can even get that done by the end of the month! Eek!). There's no way I'll get my Arithmancy OWLs done, though (10 snoods, only done with 3), and I'd rather work on my Transfiguration one since my purse seems to be on its last leg. Means I'll need a new purse anyway, so... I'm debating adding a pocket on the back of the purse, but we'll see how much yarn I have left over after I finish knitting this. Then to felt and block it, and I want to buy webbing for the straps instead of felting that, too. I'm going to add little pieces of rectangles on the top edge of the sides so I can put rings there. But I personally would consider it finished with the felting/blocking part of it completed. :) If I can get the chart done tonight/early in the evening tomorrow, then I'm sure I can get this done since I dont' have class at all on Tuesday. Depends what I finish tonight.

That being said, I bid you farewell for the night!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hat Attack

YAY! I made it to the last 13!!! XD Dunno how much longer I'll last; I've been told my assassin's weapon has been fired. We shall see, though! XD